The Aquatic Services division hires over 300 seasonal employees to staff the Dallas community pools, aquatic centers, and Bahama Beach Waterpark each summer.  For information on Bahama Beach positions, visit the employment page on their website.

Application Process

The first step is to complete an online application at the City of Dallas employment website. Select the job you with to apply for: Community Pool Lifeguard, Community Pool Water Safety Instructor, Community Pool Head Lifeguard,or Community Pool Manager. You will be then directed to Create an Account and follow the instructions, or Login if you have previously applied for a job. If you have previously applied for a job be sure to update your application to include any additional employment (including jobs with the city) and update your answers to all questionnaires before you submit. Make sure you submit your completed application when you get to the end of the process. Once your application has been submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted by Dallas Aquatics staff if selected for an interview.  

If you do not possess the certifications required for the position you are applying for, you may want to begin the certification process. We offer Lifeguard and Water Safety instructor certification courses throughout the year and they are also available at other locations in the community. You may view our current course schedule from the link at the right.