Community Swimming Pools

Community Pools open June 19 - August 15

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department operates 9 community pools along with 8 Aquatic Centers, and Bahama Beach Waterpark. The 9 pools offer open swim three days a week, swim lessons for all ages, and a swim team. A map of pool locations and pool schedules is available for download at the right.

2021 admission to community pools is $1 per person regardless of age. Hours and closed days vary at each pool location, please check the current season pool schedule for specific details. 

Several Covid-19 precautions will be in place, including temperature checks, social distancing while waiting in line, and mask requirements when not in the water.

Socially Distanced Seating and Capacity
We have created socially distanced "seating pods" consisting of a picnic table or a group of lounge chairs at each facility. Each seating pod is intended to accommodate one family group and will serve as a place for them to gather when not in the water. We are defining a family group as individuals who are attending the facility together (typically from the same household) and are regularly in close contact with each other. The maximum capacity for the Community Swimming Pools for the 2021 season is 60 based on the deck space and the available seating. Seating pods will be available to guests on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be reserved, "saved," or moved. As a courtesy to larger families we ask that guests not occupy seating pods that are larger than their family group.

Operating Hours/Sessions
Because we are operating at a lower capacity, we are breaking up the operating day into "sessions." Sessions will be 2 hours at aquatic centers and swimming pools. Although the sessions may be shorter than the time you may typically visit and have defined start and stop times, there will be less people at the facility than you are used to seeing, which will give you more space in the water, shorter lines at the slides, and less crowding. We hope that you will find your visit to be more enjoyable, knowing you will have a place to sit, more open space to enjoy in the water, and shorter wait times to enjoy your favorite activity. Facilities will be cleared of guests and sanitized between each session.