Water Safety Challenge

Celebrate National Water Safety Month by participating in our Water Safety Challenge.

The challenge consists of 5 different activities, each one focused on a different water safety topic. 

Join Coach Carrie as she leads you through each water safety lesson, complete the challenge at the end of each video, and submit your results to info@dallasaquatics.org or on our Facebook Page. Everyone who completes the challenge and submits their results by the end of May will receive a Dallas Aquatics swag bag. 

Water Safety Challenge Videos

Water Safety Month LogoWater Safety Challenge Introduction

Lesson 1 Cover ImageChallenge 1 - Don’t Just Pack It

Lesson 2 Cover ImageChallenge 2 - Too Much Sun

Lesson 3 Cover ImageChallenge 3 - In Your House

Lesson 4 Cover ImageChallenge 4 - Reach or Throw

Lesson 5 Cover ImageChallenge 5 - Wave, Tide or Ride

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