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New Employee Information Form - 2020

  1. Welcome Message

  2. Tell us about yourself

  3. 19XX or 20XX

  4. Gender

  5. Ethnicity *

  6. If not applicable, put NA

  7. How Did You Hear About Us?

    Select one

  8. Have you ever participated in the DISD Learn to Swim Program?*

  9. Have you ever participated in a Dallas Aquatics Parks and Recreation Swim Team?*

  10. Pool Choices

    Pick the top two Aquatic Centers you prefer to work at and the top two Community Pools you prefer to work at.

  11. Uniform Information

    Please check off the uniform items and sizes you need. You may order multiple quantities of each item by listing the quantities in the "Notes" section below. Cost of the uniform will be deducted from your paycheck.

  12. Women's Aloha Guard Shorts

  13. Unisex Guard Shorts

  14. Men's Bondi Board Shorts

  15. Women's Swim Suit

  16. Women's Manager "Crew" Shorts

  17. Men's Manager "Crew" Shorts

  18. What is your T- Shirt Size?

  19. Will you need any of the following Lifeguard items?

  20. List uniform quantities (example: 2 Aloha Shorts, 3 Women's swim suits)

  21. Leave This Blank: