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Bachman Pool Opening Inspection FY 24

  1. 1. Perimeter is secure - fences are intact and all gates/doors are locked.
  2. 2. Building is secure - windows are intact and all doors are closed and locked.*
  3. 3. Pool bottom scan performed - drains are visible, water is clear, no abnormalities found.*
  4. 4. Decks are clean and clear - no slip and fall hazards, deck drains clear.*
  5. 5. Water is circulating - pumps are running*
  6. 6. Pool water chemistry has been tested and is within acceptable range.*
  7. 7. AED has been tested and is functioning properly.*
  8. 8. Backboard and rescue equipment in working order and is in position.*
  9. 9. Ring buoy and reaching pole are present and in proper location.*
  10. 10. Lifeline rope is secure and in place.*
  11. 11. Lift battery is installed in lift and lift is functioning properly.*
  12. 12. Bathrooms checked - clean and stocked.*
  13. 13. Emergency call box and pool phone tested and working properly.*
  14. 14. Daily Pollution Prevention Inspection Checklist completed.*
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